Chad VanGaalen’s new single + video “Where Are You”


Ever since 2011’s Diaper Island blew my mind, I’ve been excitedly waiting for Chad VanGaalen to release another album that encapsulates everything I love about his echoey, spacious, pensive songwriting. He’s basically a dreamboat – he plays a billion instruments, his voice is warm perfection, and he can animate the hell out of a melted monster.

He’s coming out with a new album, Shrink Dust, on April 29th on Flemish Eye & Sub Pop. Pre-ordering gets you the first single, Where Are You immediately. Pre-orders of the vinyl and CD copies from the Flemish Eye shop will include a limited edition booklet of original artwork. Aww yeah.

According to Exclaim:

“Shrink Dust is also apparently acting as a partial score to VanGaalen’s in-the-works sci-fi cartoon, which he scripted, animated and provided voices for. While it had been previously reported that the film was going by the name of Tarboyz, it has since been renamed Translated Log of Inhabitants and is expected to arrive sometime later this year. 

Also being released will be an accompanying “fully illustrated D&D-esque compendium of 150 associated characters.” Fittingly, VanGaalen had previously characterized his flick as being “kinda like D&D nerdery meets, like, 2001: A Space Odyssey, meets Strange Brew.””

Comics, sci-fi, and rad tunes are the way into my heart. Consider me sold. Here’s the first single, which opens to a little yellow man humping a toothbrush. Look how far this blog has come, you guys.

Track List:
1. Cut Off My Hands
2. Where Are You?
3. Frozen Paradise
4. Lila
5. Weighed Sin
6. Monster
7. Evil
8. Leaning On Bells
9. All Will Combine
10. Weird Love
11. Hangman’s Son
12. Cosmic Destroyer

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