Long Winter Year 2, Vol. 4 – Friday Feb 7th @ The Great Hall


Continuing with my newfound obsession with Toronto’s underground art scene, I present to you The Long Winter Year Two, Volume Four (7pm, All Ages, PWYC).

Basically everyone I know is going to The Great Hall on Friday for The Long Winter, an ongoing concert series featuring local bands, visual & performance art, Balkan food & donuts, and a bizarre public matchmaking display.

The first 350 people through the doors will receive a LONG WINTER SPLIT 7″ SERIES featuring Teenanger and HSY (thanks, Scion Sessions!)

Facebook RSVP

Still wondering why you should go and whether this rad event is worth your precious time? Check out this video recap of Long Winter Year Two, Volume Two, which took place in December. Now cross your eyes and watch it again to simulate what you’ll be going to on Friday night.

Here are some tracks by the bands that will be playing.

YOU SHOULD COME. Duh. (See mom, I really am good at arguing!)

See you then!


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