Sylvan Esso is Making Me Hate This Weather a Little Less

I wish I had listened to Sylvan Esso about a month ago so I could have added Hey Mami to my favourite songs of 2013 .  That song is exactly what I want to hear right now to distract me from my frozen body and the weird wind burn I’ve developed on my cheeks that apparently happens when I breathe and it’s -30 Celsius outside… not that I’m complaining.

I’m looking forward to a full album from the Durham, North Carolina band because I keep replaying these three songs they’re so good and I kind of think they’re one GIRLS musical feature away from ‘breaking it big’ so keep an eye out for them. Sadly no shows set for Toronto right now, but I have a feeling that may change.

p.s. for more music from Amelia Meath (because her voice is just so pretty), but with more of a folk-y vibe, check out her other project, Mountain Man

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