Dark, murky Saturday afternoon with dd elle, B A Y O U, Ben Khan, & Jai Paul

Kind 2 Udd elle

I love a good male-female vocal combo as much as I love burgers and milkshakes (A LOT). This low-key synthy track from dd elle utilizes chirpy percussion, cut-short choral samples, and sampled string flourishes over a bed of thumping beats.

Varsity Jacket  B A Y O U
I’ve been digging a lot of disco tracks lately, as evidenced by my January Soundcloud playlist. The smooth, swishy beats in this track put an instant smile on my face. When it gets to the heavily synthesized/drum machine-laden chorus and evolves into a piano line, start to drift off into your happy place.

SavageBen Khan
This track feels eavesdropping on the details of an evil plot. Controlled and hostile with topnotes of I WILL KILL YOU AND EVERYONE YOU LOVE.

I’ve been obsessed with this track for the last few months, to the point where I no longer hate the name Jasmine.

Alright, that’s it for me. I’m supposed to be doing research for a freelance article this afternoon, but the internet in this coffeeshop is so bad that I might just give up and haunt Queen West with my best friend. I love Saturdays.

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