Please Add This to My Life’s Soundtrack… Donnie & Joe Emerson’s song, Baby

I was introduced to Donnie & Joe Emerson’s song Baby while watching Jimmy Fallon on Watch What Happens Live (love that show) he mentioned the song “So Baby” and sang a bit to Andy Cohen, so like a giddy teenager I Googled the lyrics and this is the retro love-jam I found:

I just bought Dreamin’ Wild (originally released in 1979, re-released in 2012) so I felt the urge to post the song and the video above, not just because I think the dad is so sweet (#emotions), but because the story is cool and kind of crazy and makes me think of how different sharing music is today. The talent was definitely there for these brothers who produced and recorded the album all on their own, but they were in the middle of nowhere in America.

Kind of nuts, somewhere Justin Bieber is (unlikely) shedding a tear in gratitude for YouTube.

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