Splashes of baroque pop & folk from Toronto’s Moves

This is the kind of music I want to wake up to.

Toronto jazz musician Joe Organ is the man behind Moves, his 4/4 foray into mainstream. With overtones of sunshine garage pop and pared-down Baroque elements (sans strings), the clarity and texture of his vocals are what capture my interest the most. Walk Along, his most recent single, is just plain fun (it could literally be the “doo doos” that do it). Here are my favourite tracks from his current and past releases.

Cooing harmonies, loose African rhythms & blushing sweetheart lyrics in Walk Along (released December 14th 2013)

Sing-songy 60’s garage pop in morning’s minions (released December 7th 2012)

Contemplative Nick Drake-style rainy-day folk in A Little Longer (released May 22nd 2013)

Sad but sweet folk in Senseless (released May 22nd 2013)

Catch Moves when Joe and a few of his friends play at Saving Gigi on Thursday January 16th.

RIYL: Herman Dune, Devendra Banhart, Nick Drake, Vampire Weekend

Facebook | Bandcamp

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