Nite Comfort #4 at Handlebar – dark & stormy electronic music

Source: Max Capacity

Held on the first Sunday of every month, Nite Comfort at Handlebar in Kensington Market features genre-bending music best described in the event listing as:

“…eclectic, electronic, ambient, drowsy beats, loose bytes, droney feats, psychic lights, live visuals, noisy tangents, artful dodging.”

If that doesn’t make you flop off your couch and fumble for the TTC tokens still in your pant pockets from last night’s party, you should just roll over and refresh your Netflix queue right now.

DJ and dark audio visuals done by Emad Dabiri throughout the evening, from doors at 8pm until 10pm when Well hits the stage. Handlebar is pretty small, kinda like your friend’s mom’s basement, but with a much better bar. Should prove to be a very intimate evening…

10pm – Brady Bothwell’s solo electronic project Well is hazy, faded, and hollowed-out without being lifeless. His tracks remind me of walking through a darkened city at 3am with nothing but the lights shining on wet pavement for company.

11pm – Elliott Fienberg’s solo electronic project Trance Mulliniks (aka “Mr. Tunes”) brings a dark techno element to the night. Not for the faint of heart.

Handlebar is probably the friendliest bar in the city, and I’ve never had a bad night there. Ever. Facebook RSVP and it’s PWYC. Have fun & keep your nose clean.

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