Post-punk art rock from Suburban Lawns on “Janitor”

… in which a bookish girl named Su Tissue rules hard as the frontwoman of Suburban Lawns. I love awkward art students more than any other type of human. They make up 90% of my Tumblr following list in experimental sketches and weird tracks.

I have the flu today, so I’m already wandering around my apartment knocking stuff over. Su’s lilting, crazy vocals layered overtop Long Beach post-punk from the early eighties will help shake loose my viral count. Suburban Lawns were a band active between 1978-1983 and hailed as the next big thing after releasing Gidget Goes To Hell, but the band folded in 1983 shortly after releasing their 5-track EP Baby.

Nobody really talks about them today. I love that Su, who is essentially a shy, awkward girl, can do just about anything, even get away with wearing a buttoned-up high collared shirt and shuffling around during a live performance, and still come out looking like a babe.

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