Dandysounds Demo Reel – Chicago Experimental Rock

December has been a really awesome month for me so far. Not only does it mark the fourth anniversary of my lil’ radio show, but things in my actual life are coming together really nicely. I’ll be flying out to BC in a few days (Wednesday!) and finally have most of my gear picked out. It took forever to find underlayers that fit my absurd body, since apparently my torso resembles a queen wasp’s with a microscopic waist and massively spreading back. And yet I am only called a mutant once a week! Small miracles.

I met a really cute boy this week (hello boy. Thank you for reading this and also for attempting to date me) and I’m totally crushing. So of course, I’ve been daydreaming and listening to tons of music like any sap raised in a brine of romantic 80s films.

I still need to make a few more playlists for the flight, hiking, and boarding. This wonderful and wicked demo compilation by Texas record studio Dandysounds will do the trick. My favourite track is It Can’t Be Simple by Secret Colours. It’s the perfect blend of 60’s baroque pop with a modern twist. Reminds me of Jacco Gardner in a wonderful way. The other tracks are blissfully catchy with amazing sound quality. Will definitely be keeping Dandysounds and all of these artists on my radar from now on.

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