The Best Thing to be Made in Music in a While: Pharrell’s 24 Hours of Happy Video

I think if something like Pharrell’s  24 Hours of Happy is what our generation leaves behind as a musical legacy I’d be totally okay with that. The song is great and catchy- I would expect nothing less from the musical genius (I embedded the official video below), but the 24 hour video on the webpage is what I love the most.  It’s a bunch of people jamming out to the song, some famous like Steve Carell (who shot his portion of the video in a bus with his son…super cute) as well as people who I’m assuming are professional dancers, and others that are clearly not.

I had to pull myself away from watching the whole thing because it’s so amazing and makes me smile like you wouldn’t believe, which I’m assuming is the goal. It reminds me when you’re really into a song and all you want to do is dance around and do circle turns–which I have to say, the use of circle turns in the video is amazing, I just love it.

I hope the song and video brings a little happy to your day.

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