How have I missed this song??? Phantogram’s Celebrating Nothing

I had my iTunes playing on random this weekend and a song from Phantogram’s  Eyelid Movies came on (one of my  top albums of 2010) and I ran (not joking, my computer was in another room)  to my laptop, clicked off the random button and  fell in love with that album all over again, which reminded me that sometimes rediscovering a well-loved album can be more fun than finding new music.

That being said, right after I listened to the album I went searching for new music from the band… as you do when you run a music blog and are a compulsive music listener. The band put out a couple of songs in September and I can’t believe I didn’t pay closer attention to the releases. My favourite at the moment is Celebrating Nothing, but I’ve also included Black out Days for your listening pleasure.

I’ve likely mentioned it before, but Sarah Barthel has such an awesome voice, and I’m not surprised they are stationed out of New York, because whenever I listen to them, the beat to their music makes me have a “walking through city streets” moment, that or a “sitting in my room eating cookies in bed” moment, one of the two.

They are touring right now but I didn’t see any Toronto shows, which sort of bummed be out, but I’ll be happy to just have the new EP to gush over.

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