Must Purchase Album: Lorde’s Pure Heroine

I’ve played Lorde’s new album repeatedly since getting it.  You’d think the hype from her song Royals would have made me jump all over listening to her EP back when it was released, but I resisted (I hate when I do that).  At the beginning of September I purged on The Love Club and now I’m obsessing over Pure Heroine (I had to resist the urge to make a cheesy addictive joke…).


It’s an album that I love listening to all the way through, it sort of has the drum machine feel of the XX, with Lana Del Rey moments mixed with a little hip hop flare.  I just can’t believe she is 16, when I was that age the majority of my time was spent either watching Law & Order: SVU or playing Neopets, #perspective.

Here are some of my favourite songs off the album so far, in no particular order:

400 Lux

Love it when she sings “you buy me orange juice…”

White Teeth Teens

I think I begin to full body sway every time I hear this song, I can’t help it.


How old were you when you revelled without a care Lorde? 10? WHY DO I FEEL SO OLD??

Glory and Gore

One thought on “Must Purchase Album: Lorde’s Pure Heroine

  1. This album is such a gem. It just is not fair that a 16 year old can sing this well. I would have to say that Lorde is the perfect example of a natural talent. But lately, I have come across a lot of people who go on about how much they cannot STAND her. I think I have an explanation for this. I feel like mainstream radio is part to blame for this problem. ‘Royals’ is a fabulous song, both lyrically and chord wise. The issue lies in the fact that every single top 40 radio station overplays the good songs. Once a song gains a following and level of popularity, these radio stations like 99.9 Virgin Radio and others play the song till it becomes an annoyance. Less is more people! All these poor people who ‘hate’ Lorde now because they heard Royals 30,000 times are going to miss out on her other amazing music! I see this as a problem. The way I see it, radio station cut off a chunk of artists prospective fans because they overplay their single out at the time. To all the haters who don’t give these artists albums a chance, please DO give them a chance! Find a way to look past that “annoying” and over-played single, and go see what else the artist has to offer! Lorde’s debut album is minimalist and restrained in the most beautiful way possible. Give this girl a chance to blow your musical minds people. Because I promise you, she will.

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