#MusicVideoMonday – “Backpack” by Petite Meller

Strange french pop music gets me every time. The music video for the new single Backpack by Petite Meller reminds me of art films where nobody knows exactly what’s going on. Petite Meller is basically Paris’s answer to Yo-Landi Vi$$er without the thrusting and disturbing violence. If Petite Meller and Yo-Landi had a sleepover, Meller would be wearing a vintage granny gown with lace collars, and Yo-Landi would be wearing a crop top with a smiley face pointing a gun and panties printed with marijuana leaves.

Point being, I adore both singers for a reason – they are loveably eccentric, boundary-pushing, quirky without being sickeningly twee, and memorable. It’s hard to strike a dissonant chord that still sounds marketable in this stupid industry. Here’s hoping that Petite Meller makes it big with this amazing new single!

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One thought on “#MusicVideoMonday – “Backpack” by Petite Meller

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