Nostalgia for Halifax’s Long Long Long (aka Each Other)

One summer a few years ago, I got really into the clustered, hectic songs of Halifax’s Long Long Long. I used to crank up Shorts (2010) and Long Long Long (2010) in the little student convenience store where I worked, which was generally understood to be the fringe of the alternative scene, and earned myself a reputation for decent-enough music taste to incite students, TAs and profs to tip well when a song they liked came on (which was like, always, duh). Once, I earned $27 in tips in a single 4-hour shift just for being a sassy checkout girl with good bangs, pricing-gun trigger fingers, and Alison Pill levels of sarcasm. I spent it all on candy, obviously.

Customers liked Long Long Long in the sense that they could see I was really into it, which was infectious enough to pass the feeling along. I think that if the people around you are really digging a band, and their faces are twisted into almost demonic levels of enjoyment, it makes it easier to feel positively about them too, or at least call for mental health authorities to check for dopamine imbalances.

They now go by Each Other and they still make really good music, but I’ll always remember the long (long, long) summer they changed the way I thought about Canadian music (it doesn’t have to perfectly packaged and easily digestible, you guys!)

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One thought on “Nostalgia for Halifax’s Long Long Long (aka Each Other)

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