Courntey Barnett covers Kanye West’s BLKKK SKKKN HEAD

Note: I made some edits to the original post because I wasn’t aware of how charged a response people would have to the cover.  I’m still all for sharing both songs, I’ll leave you to make you decision on if you like her interpretation.

I found out about Melbourne’s Courtney Barnett from triple J radio, a great Australian station, if you haven’t checked it out, GO, you can listen live for free.

They have a ‘Like a Version’ segment on one of their shows that revolves around covers (like Abbe May’s cover of Genuine’s Pony).  Courtney Barnett chose to cover Kanye West’s BLKKK SKKKN HEAD (aka black skinhead), a bold choice.

When I saw that she was going for that song, I was wondering how this psychedelic, surf rock chick was going to manage a Kanye song — I mean I’m a huge fan of the original and how would she tackle some of those lyrics… ei yi yi.  Take a listen to both the cover and original below:

If you want to hear more music from Courtney Barnett, take a listen to her A Sea Of Split Peas EP below.

Every song sounds like it’s supposed to be in a surf movie, and I’m not mad at that.

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