Music Between Friends’s 500th Post

Hope you weren’t expecting too much of a post, but I just noticed this will be our 500th.

Recently, we asked our readers on Twitter to suggest interesting questions for us to answer on this momentus occasion. We got no responses.  Our reaction in song form:

We decided to come up with our own questions instead.

1. What song do you wish you wrote/could perform?

K: I have this fantasy where I’m Basia Bulat, wearing a long, faded dress printed with Prairie Roses, playing The Shore (Heart Of My Own, 2010) in an old, dark church hall with tall, arching stained-glass windows peering into spiny October trees scrabbling against the glass. Basically, she’s a huge inspiration for me – as a multi-instrumentalist, as a folk artist, as a normal girl who does extraordinary things. Her collaborations with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra have given me hope that the integration between classical and indie music can inject revenue and listenership into an aging genre. Basically, I just really want an autoharp now.

S: It was between two Kevin Drew songs, but I ended up going with Big Love, because it’s a song I love but also something I would likely never  come up with on my own.

2. If you could swap out the singer for your favourite song, who would you choose?

K: Kathryn William’s 2004 cover of Big Star‘s Thirteen is simple, sweet, and ever so sad. Almost better than the original? (Don’t slap me, purists)

S: One of my favourite songs of all time is Ceremony by New Order.  No one can really touch the original, but Thom Yorke did an awesome cover, so he would be my pick.

3. If you had to get any CD cover tattooed on your body, which album would you pick?

K: I’d like a tattoo of an old-tymey swallow suckerpunching an owl under a silhouette of birds-on-a-wire smoking cigarettes, except instead of a wire, it would be a felt banner propped up by two cakepops. But for an album cover, the next best thing would be MGMT‘s Congratulations on my ass.

S:  The thought of actually having to do that gives me anxiety… (I have no tattoos) but I’ve always really liked the cover art for Broken Social Scene’s self-titled album.  Fleet Foxes have some beautiful artwork, and I’m on a Tame Impala binge right now, and their artwork has that cool instagram-y vibe?

4. If you could feed any instrumentalist to a pool of sharks so that you’d never have to hear that sound again, which instrument would you pick?

K: I would destroy all saxophones except this one:

S: I never took any musical lessons as a kid, so I’m always envious of people who can play an instrument and kind of think they’re all cool?  Maybe auto-tune (if that’s considered an instrument) but even then I kinda enjoy it when people have an auto-tune moment.

5. Best concert you’ve ever been to?

K: Caribou at the London Ontario Live Arts festival 2010. Others described the concert as having “beautiful huge sound” which would be an apt description of the experience.

S: The last memorable one was the Black Keys with Arctic Monkeys, just a great night overall.  Also, when I saw the Pixies a few years ago that was pretty great.

6. Favourite Toronto concert venue?

K: Is it just me, or have the kids gotten taller these days? I covet a venue that offers a clear line of sight to the stage, and if I’m also granted a healthy berth for dancing, I’m basically in concert heaven. I enjoy The Opera House, The Great Hall, Mod Club, and Lee’s Palace. I can’t stand The Phoenix, and yet it seems like all my favourite bands wanna play there! (Caribou, Joanna Newsom, Rilo Kiley, tUnE-yArDs)

S: Now that I’ve gotten older, it’s a place that you can drink at but also has seats.  WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT ME?!?

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5 thoughts on “Music Between Friends’s 500th Post

  1. Congrats you two! If I’d seen the twitter call-out, I’d have asked you, “If you were going on distant, multi-month voyage and only allowed to bring 5 albums worth of MP3s with you, would you bring a mix or singles, or albums, and if so, which?”

    • Many thanks for the support Mike:)

      That’s such a tough question–and one that needs more thought than my brain is willing to put in right now but I would definitely bring a medley? I’d want:
      – Kendrick Lamar’s good kid m.A.A.d city (I’ve been obsessed with this lately, wouldn’t feel right to just take a few songs off it)
      – Maybe a Girl Talk album so I can throw myself dance parties?
      – A compilation of what people may call “oldies”: Morrissey, Led Zeppelin, Pixies, Bob Marley, Beatles, older Madonna (the music of my childhood) etc.
      – A really good 90s dance mix to take me back, and
      – A mix cd of more “current” music : Broken Social Scene, Radiohead, Born Ruffians, Caribou, Tame Impala, Future Islands, Beach House, Arcade Fire, early Strokes, LCD Soundsystem, Arctic Monkeys etc. *concerned face* I’m sure I forgot a whole bunch…

      What about you! I’m curious how you and Katie would answer that!!

      • I suppose it all depends on where I’m traveling, but there are some albums that I’m just drawn to all the time. I bet you thought I’d say “MIXTAPE ALL THE WAY” but to be honest, I’m a ritualistic person. Rainy autumn Saturdays are Doris and I. Laura is for creepy late nights. George and I drive together. The Bird And The Bee and Mates Of State are my feel-goods, and I think I’d be a bit homesick on a multi-month vacation, so I’d want something to sing to that would remind me of the people in my life.

        1. Day By Day – Doris Day
        2. I Speak Because I Can – Laura Marling // OR // Strange Cactii by Angel Olsen (it’s only an EP, so that’s hard to devote an entire selection to)
        3. 20 Beat Classics – Georgie Fame
        4. Interpreting the Masters Volume 1: A Tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates – The Bird And The Bee
        5. Re-Arrange Us – Mates Of State


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