What I’m Listening To (Katie’s turn!): Golden Baby by Coeur de Pirate


There’s nothing I like better than a touch of French pop musique in the afternoon. It makes everything I’m doing feel slightly more whimsical, like a haircut with Zooey Deschanel bangs, or a baby cupcake from a really expensive gluten-free bakery in an otherwise pedantic lunchbag.

I’m in the middle of packing for my trip to Ottawa this weekend (WHICH PAIR OF SAGGY GAP SHORTS WILL LOOK THE BEST WITH THIS PAJAMA TOP FROM THE BARGAIN SECTION OF JOE FRESH??) and while I was shoving things in my trusty rucksack (traveling from Niagara Falls to Osheaga like a cool teen!) I decided to flick on the radio. Because.

My kid sister and I love listening to Espace Musique, which is basically French CBC Radio. We love to listen in the car, because they play a great mix of French and English gypsy jazz, pop, and soul music perfect for glazed summer afternoons and dewy spring mornings. The only downside is that my relatively frugal adoption of the French language has left me with dozens of Notes on my iPhone filled with partially translated lyrics/song names which are nearly un-Googlable. The station’s website is really good about providing 30 second samples of the tracks on their playlists, which has saved me some time when trying to hunt down my favourite tracks.

Thankfully, I recognized this lovely Coeur de Pirate track from 2011’s Blonde when it played this afternoon, so I didn’t have to scramble to my computer. This left me with plenty of time to stare off into space pack for my trip. What was I doing again?

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