My takeaway from the VMAs – Watching Drake perform made me weirdly proud?

UPDATE: they’ve removed a bunch of the funny links because of copyright, but I found a link to the performance here so… #youwinsomeyoulosesome?


For those that think the VMAs are too “mainstream”, you may want to just pass on this post.  Sorry (I’m not sorry).

I didn’t watch the live broadcast of the VMA’s because I don’t currently have cable (I feel like everything is so accessible on the internet).  Instead I watched the VMA’s live stream behind the scenes, and I have to say — it was the greatest.  I don’t think I will watch a regular “award show” if I have that option again because I caught so many weird moments that you can probably find on the internet now (backing up my point about the internet) like Lady Gaga getting emo with One Direction after they were booed, and all the interesting pans to Taylor Swift dancing, which, I have no words for except that I can only support her human right to dance to things?

Anyways, Drake’s performance of Hold on, We’re Going Home and Started From the Bottom was one of my favourites (Other than Lady Gaga’s face as she started the show…).  I would have loved to share the video of Drake’s performance, but I can’t find an unflagged version on YouTube right now, and the MTV link ironically won’t work here in Canada (earth to MTV, he is CANADIAN, we should be able to see a fellow Canadian perform, it’s only right/fair/what I want).

The performance was sweet to start and had a lot of energy at the end and it was just him on stage, no twerking dancers or NSync members, even though I would have probably been into those things too. I thought it was cool and made me weirdly proud because he is Canadian and has such love for Toronto.

So, I’ll leave you with the audio of the song, which is a great song and I’m not just saying that because my sister forces me to listen to his music by playing it constantly in our apartment :)

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