To Tease, or Not to Tease?

Personally I love a little album teaser, I’d prefer a full album leak* because I’m impatient like that, but I’ll take what I can get. 

I’ve noticed a couple of album teasers this week and thought I’d share. The first is from New York band, Cults, their new album Static is out October 15, find the teaser below — which only lets you listen to like, 15 seconds of a song, but you can hear the full single, I Can Hardly Make You Mine here via NPR.  Sounds retro and current at the same time, I’m enjoying it.

[vimeo 70975434]

The next comes from Arcade Fire and can be found here.  

Is this really a teaser? I’m not so sure.  Why is it on a separate website named The Reflektors… I don’t know (I’m confused) but apparently that’s the title of the album which  is supposed to be released October 29. I am really pumped to hear the whole thing and excited that they will be touring again so I have the chance to watch this band live finally.

Looks like October will be a good month for album releases.  Are you looking forward to any new albums?



*Quick disclaimer: Just because I love listening to a full album before it’s sold, doesn’t mean I don’t still buy music. I do :) I just also really like checking out the goods before I purchase anything… in a non-erotic way.  K, thanks byeee

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