Doe Paoro’s artsy R&B with Tibetan roots

Both Sasha and I love strong, powerful ladycrooners: Amber Coffman, Angel Deradoorian, Lykke Li, Grimes, Angel Olsen, Laura Marling, Lorde, Shannon & The Clams, Lissie, Little Scream, Azealia Banks, Solange, Beyoncé… the list goes on. Across all genres, the common element remains a mutual admiration for women who express themselves in a kickass, bombastic way, riffing like we do on car rides, but sounding ten thousand times more impressive and on pitch.

Sadly, Sasha and I work and live in separate cities, so we rarely get to hang out in person. Hence, Music Between Friends is both a mutual appreciation music funnel and a means of keeping in touch. This post is all about sharing some music with Sasha.

Brooklyn’s Doe Paoro makes self-described “feral wailing” but comes across as smooth as liquid silk. The video for her new release New Lows is nothing short of entrancing – I kept watching so I could find out what the hell she was starting that damn fire for.

This is my favourite track from her 2012 EP Slow To Love, an album written while she was sequestered in a cabin in Syracuse. She trained as a singer and pianist in Lhamo (Tibetan opera) while traversing the Himalayas which makes her infinitely cooler than that chick I know from yoga.

This cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah is absolutely lovely and very Lana Del Rey (if I actually enjoyed Lana Del Rey).

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