#MusicVideoMonday Dillon’s Tip Tapping

This #MusicVideoMonday is brought to you by Berlin born singer Dillon.

I’m not a big fan of saying a musician sounds like another musician because people (myself included sometimes…) can pre-judge based on you saying they “remind you of…” so-and-so.  Or they can get disappointed when the referral doesn’t live up to their expectations, but this particular song by Dillon sounds so similar to Lykke Li  that I can’t help associate the two, and I happen to think being compared to Lykke Li is a massive compliment since I’m a fan… Both singers are European stunners with great style and enviable beautifully unique voices, so, hopefully no offense is taken by Dillon, and Lykke Li lovers can fan-girl over another singer.

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I also suggest taking a listen to Dillon’s other song, Thirteen Thirty Five — this one’s actually my favourite that I’ve heard so far (but it doesn’t have an official music video so it wasn’t as relevant for today…) so take a listen below.

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