#MusicVideoMonday : Headphones – Mounties

As soon as I saw the music video for Canadian band Mounties (made up of Hot Hot Heat’s Steve Bays, Ryan Dahle and Hawskley Workman) Headphones I knew I had to post it– not just because I like the song, but because it’s a total Telefrancias flashback!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfNB-RtqEyY&h=350&w=450]

I’m assuming most of our readership was born in the 80s, but for those who weren’t… Telefrancais was this awesome 80s TV show that teachers would play in class to help us learn how to speak French. Since finding this music video gem, I got sucked into the internet– as people do–and went on a Youtube-marathon of old Telefrancais clips, and the show was a little coo-coo…

I mean, there were 2 kids on it, so it featured real people, but they had a puppet that looked like a human (sort of) that flew a plane, a skeleton band and a questionable talking pineapple that only spoke French and lived in a junkyard…


I don’t know how my easily terrified younger self loved watching this show so much (maybe because I had such a deep love for TV) but I did, and it permanently taught me how to say banana, grapefruit and a handful of other words in French, so really, mission accomplished Telefrancais.

ANYWAYS, hope you enjoy this small piece of nostalgia and the video as much as I did, and if you’re at work, looking for a timewaster I suggest tumbling (not sure if that’s the right term??) telefrancais for awesome #borninthe80s gifs such as this one.

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