Perfect pair: “Paris” by Magic Man and “Harvest Moon” by Poolside

There are those weeks where you want to pull your hair out, except you’d rather not disturb the deep conditioning masque you just applied. Because you’re a smart, reasonably attractive professional-type who is far too capable to stage a breakdown at such a crucial period in the fiscal calendar.

My corporate alter-ego has taken over my body and my soul this week, so there’s nothing better than sinking back into a deep pool of chill beats to remember who I am. On Saturday, I’ll be seeing Animal Collective with Dan Deacon, which has been a girlish dream since 2007 – Was it cool to like Animal Collective in 2007? – One day I’ll get ombre tips and wear coral pants and crucifix rings and be KEWT like the rest of the hipster girls. Until then, please enjoy my corporate whining and disco-pop fixations.

If you listen to my radio show, and it’s totally cool if you don’t, you may have heard these two tracks played back-to-back today. They’re delicious. They’re shivery. They’re quenching my thirst for summertime sweaty pilsners under haloed white lights choking the wooden latticework like glowing snakes.

I heard this track described as “nostalgic” and I think I get it. But maybe I just get the feeling of wishing something is nostalgic, so that it feels more meaningful and emphatic. Mostly, I just like the way it makes me feel calm, like everything is going to work out just damn fine without my interference.

ParisMagic Man from Boston

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I listened to the original on repeat in a shoebox apartment in Bastille last May. Somehow, this encapsulates exactly how I feel about that vacation now, looking backwards.

Harvest MoonPoolside from Los Angeles

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One thought on “Perfect pair: “Paris” by Magic Man and “Harvest Moon” by Poolside

  1. Even shitty, tinny netbook speakers, -20 weather, and marginal food choices up in Northern Ontario can’t ruin that Harvest Moon cover! I can’t wait to listen on a half-decent sound system when I get home. Thanks for posting!

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