Mopey Teenage Valentine


Are you sad and lonely? Heating up leftover Alphaghetti inside a plastic container and washing them down with a glass of salinized tears? Halfway to the convenience store for cheap candy, cigarettes, and mixers when you suddenly realize you didn’t even put on pants today? Or underwear?

Never fear. You can click through this playlist all night long. It will never leave you, unless the tracks are pulled down from the internet. The rhythms are more predictable than your last five relationships. And since they’re mostly love songs, they’ll bring out your inner teenage poet, so you can grab that Hilroy notebook from under your bed and scrabble away all of your deepest, darkest lonely-person thoughts.

Misery – TV Girl (via Inkiostro)

Je Me Perds de Vue – Melody’s Echo Chamber (via Soundcloud)

Duet – Everything Everything (via Soundcloud)

Beta Love (RAC Remix) – Ra Ra Riot (via Soundcloud)

The Mother We Share – CHVRCHES (via Soundowl)

Falling – HAIM (via Soundcloud)

Endless Calm – Steezy Ray Vibes (via Soundcloud)

Mute – Youth Lagoon (via Soundcloud)

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