Band to Watch: Vacationer Answers Some of our Questions


If you’re a consistent MBF reader, you may have noticed Vacationer on our Travel 2012 Playlist.  Their song, Trip, was on repeat for me over the summer so when I was given the chance to ask band member Kenny Vasoli some questions, I panicked (a natural reflex) then I got really excited to profile the Philadelphia band and see them live. Not only did they sound great at the show, equally as clear and awesome as on their album,  but given the frigid weather we’ve been having, the upbeat, beach worthy music was a much needed escape for me.  If you enjoy pretending your on vacation as soon as the weather goes below 0 degrees, then this album is the perfect backdrop.


How did you get together as a band?

I had been introduced to Matt and Grant from Body Language through the grapevine.  I wanted to make music with some producers who were knowledgeable in electronic and dance, once I heard Body Language’s EP I was inquiring if they’d like to work with me.  Once we met we instantly hit it off and began turning out tunes very quickly.  The live band was formed the following year in the summer of 2012, composed of some of my long time friends.


How long did it take you to write and record Gone, do you have a favourite track off the album?

We worked on Gone from summer 2010 until Fall 2011.  Most of the songs came together very quickly in the sessions, the final touches and mixing extended the finalizing of it. I really love how all of it came out, it’s difficult to pick a favorite.  Good As New and Be With You are up there for me, as they are very personal tunes.

Your single “Trip” was on heavy rotation for me this summer as I travelled. For the song’s video you went to Hawaii, are there any other trips you’ve been dreaming to take?

This year I’m determined to get to Alaska for a vacation.  It seems so beautiful and serene, it’s the last United State I’ve never been to. Time to cross it off.

How does your live show compare with your recorded sound, and what can people expect on January 16th in Toronto?

I’m sorry this is getting to you after the show.  It’s been a crazy pace since we’ve headed out, my apologies! Our live show is much more dimensional while staying true to the record’s songs. We have a full band so people get to see the instruments featured on the record in the foreground.

Speaking of the live shows, you guys are basically touring all of January, with a lot of shows back to back, do you have any comfort items you like to bring with you while on the road? 

We bring some snacks for the ride hah.  Other than that my pillow from my bed and pictures of my bed help keep me reminded of the finer things.

You guys recently did a top 10 albums of the year on your tumblr page, what are a handful of your favourite 2012 tracks?

Beach House “Other People” is so good it hurts. Lord Huron “Lonesome Dreams” got in at the buzzer for me.  Also Tennis “Origins” and Purity Ring “Fineshrine” are 2012 bangers.

Can you name for us any “guilty pleasure” singles or albums you own/listen to on the regular? (for example–I will never change songs when Good Vibrations by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch pops on…)

I love Janet Jackson’s “Escapade”, as well as pretty much anything on Rhythm Nation.

Is there a band you’d like to change places with for a day.

I wouldn’t hate being in Radiohead for a day, preferably playing bass. They are kind of my Beatles.

And finally, what musicians would make up your ideal “super band”?

Grant Wheeler, Matt Young, Ian Chang, Ang Bass, Ryan Zimmaro, Greg Altman and Michael Mullin. They are my absolute favorites! <3


To hear more from Vacationer check out their Facebook, Tumblr, Bandcamp page or Website

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