100-Mile Music Diet: *NEW* Music from The Dirty Nil, Northern Primitive, and First Rate People

The Dirty Nil

Have you heard the new Dirty Nil 7″ Zombie Eyed? You haven’t? Sheesh.

It’s free to download for the next month, so consider this an extra Christmas present to yourself. And if you’re like me, you’ll want to listen at gut-wrenching volumes while swinging a foaming beer bottle around. Zombie Eyed is a messy pile of notes, slurring together like a drunken lover trying to get in your pants.

“You’re a swine.” It doesn’t get any blunter than that.

Oh, and check out the B-side by Northern PrimitivePositive Bondar. It’s an echo of thoughts which are never quite articulated on the tip of your tongue. It’s the rubbing of last night’s mistakes back into your eyelids.

The Dirty Nil Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter

Northern Primitive Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter

First Rate People

Ok, so you must’ve heard the new First Rate People single by now. You Won’t Get This Joke At Allright? No? Have you been living under a rock, pressed up against millipedes?

An instant fusion of euro hit, understated acoustics, smashing synth, and a mixed bag of other guilty pleasures, it’s like an adorable puppy bouncing around after a balloon. Since this is their first release since Someone Else Can Make A Work Of Art came out in 2011, I am incredibly relieved they have found the resources to put out another record. When such a lovely band with incredible talent keeps making music, the world keeps spinning properly.

Experienced well beyond her years, the beautiful voice of Anna Horvath perches on top of light dance music and pulsing chords like a little blackbird clicking its claws.

First Rate People Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter

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