Instant sunshine with a splash of pop: NYC’s Goodman

I had the wonderful pleasure of receiving an album from NYC’s Goodman today, and it instantly perked me up faster than a double shot of yerba mate. If you’re struggling through those midweek hump day blues, recoiling inwards until the weekend starts, put on Goodman’s newest record What We Want and prepare to uncoil like a cat in the sun.

Initially, I was reminded of The New Pornographers and Coconut Records because every song is catchy as sin (Night PersonWhat We Want, Yawning) and deliciously singable (Waiting). To say this album is a beginner’s lesson in hook-writing would be an understatement.

I’m sure if Goodman wants to move to Canada, we’ll welcome him with wide open arms and a gallon of maple syrup (Fun fact: Canadians drink 4.9x more maple syrup than anyone else on the planet. Follow up study: dental practice experiences unprecedented success with veneers?).

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