Hello Atlantic Canada! Lovely Mo Kenney

So you wanna check out more music from Canada, eh?

Sick of listening to The Log Driver’s Waltz on repeat?

Here’s some music from Nova Scotia’s Mo Kenney to get you through chilly January days. Nobody tolerates inhospitably cold weather with a cheery smile quite like our friends to the East. If I were living there, I’d probably be dancing constantly just to keep warm.

Check out Mo’s award-winning video collaboration with producer Greg Jackson for the 31st Atlantic Film Festival. Eden starts off with a strolling guitar quite reminiscent of the Beatles’s Blackbird. I particularly enjoy her nature beard for the first half of the video (nice selective green-screening technique). Hope you enjoy this little bit of Canadiana from Nova Scotia and make sure to catch Mo when she comes to Toronto on February 13th at the Rivoli as part of Massey Hall’s Canadian Songbook Series (Canadian Songbook Society 7-Show Series Pass: $50, Single show tickets: $19.50).

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