Music Video Monday – Ride The Island Baby by Brews Willis

Surf Culture in Lake Ontario? Check.

Toronto’s Brews Willis came out with their first music video this summer for Ride The Island Baby. I can’t tell if they’re deliberately spoofing the surf-punk revival scene, or if they’re stone-cold serious. The booty shorts are making me lean towards not serious.

If you want a fun game, try playing “Count the gratuitous advertisement of Ray Bans.” It’s like they literally couldn’t find any other acceptable forms of optical solar protection. I guess they never read the highly informative Cosmo magazine article on how to choose the right pair of sunglasses for your face shape. Not everyone can be a Rachel Bilson.

In real life, I feel like these squeaky-clean hotties wouldn’t be caught dead with a guy in a grubby Hawaiian shirt. Instead, they’d be too busy shopping at FCUK and comparing their nail beds.

The caption on their video reads: “Let’s party and smash some PBR’s on the beach and fly off piers and do rad shit!” Don’t they know that hipsters only drink local microbrews now?

If you’re actually interested in surfing and not just posturing with a boogie board, lessons can be found here (Caution: be prepared to wait for the meanest, coldest weather to create the littlest waves).

This Music Video Monday was brought to you by Urban Outfitters.

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