Wet Hot Australian Summer

My fingers might be snapping off from frostbite right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s winter everywhere (Fun fact: axial tilt and elliptical orbit cause opposing seasonality between the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Google it!).

On the cusp between spring and summer, I’m sure everyone down under is rolling into their wetsuits, strapping their surfboards to their unbridled dingoes, and tripping over bleached coral in all their excitement. All jokes aside, let’s check out some excellent bands who are “making waves” on the “indie rock scene” in “Australia.”

Melbourne’s Bored Nothing records all of his songs on a 4-track. I have a feeling this guy is a hit at parties.

Melbourne’s Chook Race are puckered, sly little culturejammers.

Melbourne’s Bitch Prefect have the gift of simple lyricism.

… And just for fun, here’s an excellent album by Oregon’s Dreamsurfer, who describe their sound as “experimental,” “sewage,” and “poptart.” I’m inclined to agree.

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