Paris, Paris!

Today, I board a plane and fly to Paris for a week. It’s a red-eye, so I’m picking outfits that will really accentuate the broken blood vessels in my eyes.

My mom has given me a few parting gifts, namely: a flashlight (“Mom, it’s called the City of Light for a reason!”), a jumbo bag of pretzels, several packages of gum (“So your eardrums won’t blow out!”), caramel corn, and an assortment of medicines with the power to initiate and cease diarrhea at will.

I think I’m about as packed as a white tourist can be. Parker was supposed to take the train from Switzerland tomorrow morning so I could meet him at Gare De Lyon from Charles De Gaulle. But this morning, I got a sheepish email from Parker, describing how he waited for me at the clock tower for two hours thinking I was lost in Paris, when in reality my flight doesn’t even depart from Toronto until this afternoon.

Since I can’t bear to be parted from good music no matter what country I’m galavanting around, I’ve got a few things planned for this trip. First, I have like a trillion new folk songs to listen to. I also recently bought Laura Marling‘s I Speak Because I Can on vinyl + mp3, Christine Fellows‘s Femmes De Chez Nous, and Sibylle Baier‘s Colour Green, which I have been saving for the nine hour plane ride.

Here are two websites that I used to find indie/folk/alternative concerts happening while I’m in Paris.

Carrefour Spectacles (concerts, theatre, sports, festivals)

La Blogothèque (amazing intimate concerts, if you haven’t already checked it out).

I was thinking about seeing two of the following:

I also really want to check out Ground Zero, a sweet independent record store. I’m a little bummed out that Beach Fossils and GIRLS are playing right after I leave the country, and Justice is playing this week, but the tickets are sold out, quel domage!

Well, I definitely have some last minute iPod syncing to do.

Here’s my favourite Parisian song (the one that started me on the path to romanticizing an entire culture).

MP3: Paris 2004 Peter Bjorn and John

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