Osheaga 2012 Lineup

I got my Weekend Pass during the pre-sale today and it’s safe to say that I’m going to have the time of my life. Between this, Radiohead, tUnE-yArDs, Beirut, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, and Patrick Watson, this concert season is shaping out to be the best one I’ve ever had.

Is anyone else thinking that this year’s Osheaga lineup could kick Coachella’s ass? I’d rather be chomping on a Montreal bagel on my way to a scenic city park than sweating my balls off with a bohemian leather thong up my ass.

2 thoughts on “Osheaga 2012 Lineup

  1. I’m with you. This is one of the best lineups I’ve ever seen for a festival, esp. in Canada. Hillside can only pretend to this diverse and high-profile roster!!! We’re mulling a trip to visit family in Mtl that weekend to also partake in the musically goodness!

    • An excellent plan! I am going to be taking Wednesday-Monday off and make it a summer holiday. I’ve never really stayed in Montreal; any suggestions for places to go/eat?

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