Hangover music

Forget the old adage about eating crap and watching infomercials to dull the pain of the previous night’s imbibing.

My time-tested hangover cure is boisterous, messy music that reminds you of the night before.

Hamilton trio The Dirty Nil came to Oshawa’s E.P. Taylor’s last night to open for Sweet Mack, Teenage Kicks, and Topanga. Although the crowd was small (mostly musicians and Riot Radio DJs), the band delivered squealing guitar licks, spastic showboating, and louder-than-loud sound quality.

Their set was only 24 minutes long (they tossed an electrifying David Bowie cover into the mix) but they didn’t even pause to wipe the sweat from their dripping faces. The only downtempo song was Caroline, a sweetly fuzzed out love ballad (check out the Hahn’s Basement recording). Watching this set gave me the same feel-good vibe as fellow Canadian bands Zeus and Born Ruffians, so I’m confident that Dirty Nil has a bright future. I’ll be on the lookout for their full-length.

Their 7″ packs an incredible punch and is a free download on Bandcamp.

MP3: Fuckin’ Up YoungThe Dirty Nil

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