Trip by Vacationer

Here’s how much I need a vacation… it’s 10pm on a Tuesday night and I’m still tapping away on my work laptop. I’m about three seconds away from eating my feelings.

Okay, so now I have two oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in my mouth and I’m listening to some music. I recently came across this nice little song by Vacationer that really speaks to my vibe right now. The whole PLZ TAKE ME AWAY FROM CANADIAN WINTER because I have salt stains on all my shirts and have calluses from where my legs shiver together.

But Trip by Vacationer is a good pseudo-escape. The band will be playing at SXSW at the All Things Gold party with Chiddy Bang, Clock Opera, and Incan Abraham. I never used to consider SXSW a festival worth going to, mostly because NXNE has never been that great. It seems like nobody wants to hit up Canada. Fine, you can have your desert sand and hallucinogenic drugs! I’ll be sitting here, shivering on the curb outside a club. NOW TELL ME WHO’S THE TRUE MUSIC FAN?

Speaking of work, today one of my coworkers randomly walked up to me and said, “So I heard that you’re a fan of music…” BUT DIDN’T ACTUALLY FOLLOW UP WITH ANYTHING ELSE. I said, “Yes…” and we proceeded to stare at a particularly grey part of the carpet until he said he listened to rap and opera but his girlfriend was completely narrowminded. Awkward coworker conversations, hurray!


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