TGIF Mini-Weekend Playlist

So I haven’t had a bunch of time to post daily but I figured I would make a weekend playlist made up of all the music I’ve listened to this week. So TGIF everyone!

It’s Real – Real Estate

Cute lo-fi that’s filled with ooh’s and aah’s, what more could I want?

Put Me in a Movie – Lana Del Rey

Say what you will about Lana Del Rey, I still like the music she makes.

You Know What I Mean – Cults

This is a great album, I listen to it on the regular at work and dance, snap and look like a weirdo moving around in silence in my office as if people can’t see me, when really they can.  I’m preeetty popular.

DoYaThang – Gorillaz feat James Murphy, and Andre 3000 (Converse Compilation)

This song is better uninterrupted (and I’m not crazy about the video), I couldn’t find a good link sorry – but you can download it for free by clicking above if you want.

One (Blake’s Got a New Face) – Vampire Weekend

But what happened to Blake’s OLD FACE…?

Truth – Alexander

Because I wish I was a hippie and this song helps me pretend I am.

Hospice Gates – Lower Dens

I also gave the new Arcade Fire song a few listens, but it was a little too intense for me to listen to at work, even though it was good. And– it finally made me pay attention to the Hunger Games movie. So, thanks, song… for that.  Anyways, hope you like the TGIF mix.  If I notice these posts are getting lots of views I’ll make sure to make them more consistent since I am slacking otherwise.  Have a good weekend :)

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