Mini-Valentine’s Day Mix

If Michael Jordan says it, then it must be true?

I decided to share some of the lovey-dovey tunes that will be on my Valentine’s Day playlist.  Whether you are spoken for or not, hopefully you can enjoy the mix, or at the very least, you can find this Michael Jordan picture as hilarious as I did. Enjoy!

Amy WinehouseCupid

This girl may have had a rough go in life, but man could she sing a song.

The KnifeHeartbeats
[vimeo 10377992]
The Knife is a Swedish electronic band that reminds me of Tegan and Sara meets LCD Soundsystem on this song.

Dean MartinI Will


Pearl and the BeardSweetness

Boy and girl singing together on a sweet song=Valentine’s Day worthy?


I could not have been more disappointed by their last concert I went to in Toronto, it was a massive let down, but I will still religiously listen to their albums, because they’re awesome, i.e. this song.

Los Campesinos! – By Your Hand

A little angsty for a Valentine’s Mix, but I will allow it.

The BeatlesMartha My Dear

This song is made all the more relevant if your name is actually Martha.  I love this song, like, would marry it, love it.  But if you’re looking for a bit more of a sensual, slow jam I would put on the intro to I’m So Tired

Once I got started on this post I realized there were a bunch of songs I wanted to add, so if I have time tomorrow I will post some of the songs I didn’t have time to add today.

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