Songs to get you through the work day

Sometimes it’s just nice to listen to happy music, y’know?

It’s the end of the sales quarter, so things have been totally crazy at my work. As long as I can pull in two hundred thousand dollars tomorrow (uhhhhh what?) everything’ll be golden! So if anyone has 200K lying around, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

I’ve been listening to this mini-playlist whenever I feel the 3pm blues kicking in. It’s better than caffeine (and don’t we all drink too much of that stuff anyway?). So put on this music the next time you feel a slump and you’ll be good to go.

TrellicBaxter Dury

Baxter Dury is an English guy (how could he not be, with a name like that) who started making records back in 2002. His latest album Happy Soup (2011) is enjoying a comfortable stay on the UK charts and his music is hopelessly catchy.

    Excuse MeLemâitre

    Dance around until 1:25, when the pure deliciousness sets in. Reminds me of the nineties without leaving the aftertaste of midriff tops and rave pacifiers in my mouth.

    Don’t Stop (TheFatRat Remix)Foster The People

    I like this song so much that I played it on last week’s Indie-licious. And in case you didn’t know, Foster The People are playing in Downsview Park on June 19th. It’s an all-ages show and tickets are $39.50. Prepare to be surrounded by tweens singing along to Pumped Up Kicks without realizing it’s about a school shooter. No big deal!

    2 thoughts on “Songs to get you through the work day

    1. Baxter Drury is the son of Ian Drury who wrote the anthem “Sex and Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll”.

      Great blog! Thanks for the many fine artists.

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