Six Great Bands Worth Checking Out

I have been reborn as a person who answers her emails. Never again will I keep bands waiting until I can shove aside my personal life into neat blocks of time. (I say this now, but there’ll probably be a fresh batch of emails waiting next week for me to cut my teeth on). Thanks so much to the musicians who sent in their stuff to us.

Much like yesterday’s post, in which I featured five awesome under-the-radar bands, here’s another six that you should start listening to.

From: Berlin, Germany / New Orleans, Louisiana
RIYL: Trippy experimental sounds that are listenable and fresh
When to Listen: Lying on your bed, staring at the ceiling, and daydreaming. This is my new favourite album – I listened to it four times in a row and found something amazing every time. Listen to Untidy if you’re in a Radiohead mood, 01000001 if you’re in a Ratatat mood, Free William Cosby if you’re in a Dodos mood, and Part V if you’re in a Broken Social Scene mood.
Listen to More – the whole album is FREE on Bandcamp

Who: Son Ark
From: Los Angeles, California
Fun Fact: On Son Ark’s website, all five bandmates post their current music mixes based on what’s stuck in their head at the time. I was pleasantly surprised by the new artists I discovered.
RIYL: Elliott Brood
When To Listen: In the kitchen while cooking comfort food.
Listen to More

MP3: What’s Your NameSon Ark

Who: Pinebocks
From: Dallas, Texas
When to Listen: Your girlfriend dumps you.
Listen to More

Who: Yamantaka//Sonic Titan
From: Montreal, Quebec
Fun Fact: The band is mix of Asian and First Nations youth and they call their unique sound “noh-wave”. Their stage presence is… intimidating.
RIYL: Delicious female vocals and face paint. You’ll understand once you see a live performance.
Listen to More

Who: Aaron & The Sea
From: Minneapolis, Minnesota
I played Déjà Vudu on Indie-licious a few weeks ago and I love whenever it comes on shuffle now.
Listen to More

Who: Coronado
From: Toronto, Ontario
When to Listen: Chilling with your lady friend, trying to put the moves on her.
Fun Fact: In real life, Juan Carlos Coronado is a graphic designer who does everything from printwork to band posters (Metric!)
Listen to More

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