Happy Halloween! Celebrate With A Mini Halloween Playlist

I decided to make a mini Halloween youtube playlist with some songs that I felt fit with a holiday that celebrates all things dead and creepy. Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

Dead Man’s Bones Dead Man’s Bones

This whole album would have worked in this post, I picked this one because I don’t know when else I could post a song that includes a woman crying in the middle without it sticking out as weird and sad.

Radiohead – Give up the Ghost

One bonus to being a ghost is the fact that you could have sat in on these sessions unnoticed.

Timber Timbre
Demon Host

Just like Dead Man’s Bones, another band that sounds perfect for Halloween.

Sam RobertsWaking the Dead

One of my favourite Sam Roberts songs. This was the only audio I could find of this song (if you double click the youtube pane it will open to this sad tribute to some persons cat, Smokey,… RIP Smokey).

Talking Heads – Psycho Killer

A classic. 

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