For All of Those Who Are Not Morning People – Bombay Bicycle Club’s – How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep

I have gone from blaring this song on my laptop speakers, switching over to the sound system and now it has progressed to a song I love so much I need the earphones. My ears have begun to ring, and I may lose my hearing at some point this week but I’m loving Bombay Bicycle Club‘s song, How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep so much I can always buy new ears…

I’m realizing I’m a sucker for songs like this one, that slowly build-up with sweet and repetitive lyrics. Jack Steadman, the band frontman, asks over and over again: Can I wake you up, is it late enough?  Most non-morning people, like myself, would say, ‘No, come back at noon, preferably with some type of food or beverage’. But if he sang it like this then maybe I wouldn’t sass out?

This band has been around for a bit, but if you haven’t bought their newest album, A Different Kind of Fix, I suggest getting it.

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