British beach rock from AC SLATA

I'd tap that. And so would Slater.

I’ve been listening to a lot of lo-fi, garage, and beach rock lately (Colleen Green, Girlfriends, You, Me, + Us). Perhaps it’s my way of stretching out the last rays of summer sun or letting my inner Beach Boy wax poetic.

If they hadn’t told me they were from the UK, I would have thought that Bournemouth’s AC SLATA were as Californian as freshly picked Sunkist oranges. Or Saved By The Bell re-runs.

I don’t know a heck of a lot about AC SLATA (their email to me simply said Hey Man. Check us out and let us know what u think.) but they’ll make a good addition to my perpetually summer playlist.

And now, for some dance moves courtesy of the original A.C. Slater:

Update: The day after writing this post, I received an email from AC SLATA telling me that due to legalities, they had to change their name to Yoofs. My mother speculates that this might stand for “You f___ckers”, but only the band knows the real meaning. Yoofs’s Soundcloud can be found here.

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