Folk Thief will steal your heart, and possibly your girlfriend

Have you ever noticed how girls go nuts for guys with guitars? Maybe it’s because we’re obsessed the theory that if he can pluck those strings and make sweet, sweet music, maybe he can do the same to us. Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Dave Hadgkiss aka Folk Thief is one such man. He’s like your best friend’s cool older brother, but you won’t get punched in the arm for having a crush on him (I hope).

Folk Thief began after Hadgkiss took an acoustic breather from playing in Vancouver geek and punk rock bands. Love, Heartache and Oblivion (2010, self-released) is Folk Thief’s first album.

Folk Thief is making the rounds in a tour across Canada and will be playing in a venue near you, accompanied by My Boy Rascal. Catch him tomorrow night at the Freeway Coffeehouse in Hamilton on September 9th, 2011 @ 9PM (pay what you can). He’ll also be playing in Toronto at Supermarket on October 5th, 2011 @ 8:30PM.

Recommended if you need new bedroom music for your sexytime playlist. ‘Nuff said.

MP3: Brand New LoveFolk Thief

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