Pleasant folk-pop from Toronto’s Little City

You could not pay me to eat that sandwich.

Looking for some local folk-pop to brighten up your day? The local forecast may call for gloomy days for the rest of the week, but that doesn’t mean that you have to listen to gross, moody music.

Toronto’s own Little City have been working on their tans and fans this summer after releasing their new EP The Going and The Gone. Unfailingly upbeat and curiously positive for Torontonians, if you’re keen on dipping your feet in country music that doesn’t sound like country music, this is the band for you. The first three tracks on The Going and The Gone are a touch conventional, but skip ahead to This in Remembrance and Lincoln Learning French for an aural delight. If you like Mount Moriah, Forest City Lovers or Family of the Year, you’ll probably like Little City.

If you’d like to catch them in concert, they’re playing tomorrow night (Wed Aug 9, 2011) at Clinton’s Tavern (693 Bloor St. W., Toronto) with The Elwins, Belgrave, Odessa Steps Sequence and Young Feathers. Tickets are $7.

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