Goofy, layered vocals characterize Toronto’s Singapore

I love man meat.

Toronto three-piece Singapore may be newbies to the local music scene, but their goofy, genre-bending rock is sure to become a hit soon. Self-described as “sour summer creepiness”, Singapore stuff layers of vocals over inherent lyrical flamboyance to create staple songs that are unoffensively catchy.

Recommended if you like Zeus, Miniature Tigers and irrespressible optimism. It’s the kind of music you should program for your alarm clock so that you don’t wake up angry at everyone.

Brian ElderSingapore

Brian Elder is a dirty little funk song à la Beck circa Midnite Vultures (1999). This song mixes ample swearing with lighthearted oohs-and-ahhs, giving it an impish juxposition.

Vampire TeethSingapore

Vampire Teeth is a trip down the lazy river with a tall glass of lemonade. It’s seeing the skyline of a city from your seat on the train as you clack into the station. With simple guitar hooks and a swishy, casual drumbeat, it’s the perfect song for head-bobbing.

You can catch them tonight for free (Tues Aug 8, 2011 @ 10:50pm) at The Horseshoe Tavern where they’ll be playing songs from their brand new debut EP Do Re Mi Fa Q, available for free download on their Tumblr.

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