Hypnotic Brass Ensemble Thursday July 7th at The Great Hall @ 9pm

Craving a nice piece of brass?

Check out Chicago’s 8-brother brass band Hypnotic Brass Ensemble tomorrow night at The Great Hall at 9pm. You may have heard the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble from their previous collaborations with London’s indie deelites Golden Silvers and Essex’s weirdo hip-hoppers Gorillaz.

I fell in love with this Golden Silvers song a long time ago and the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble brings such a fresh feeling to it.

Golden Silversfrom London, UK
MP3: Arrows of ErosGolden Silvers ft. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

Of course, they’re also lovely on their own.

Hypnotic Brass Ensemblefrom Chicago, Illinois
MP3: GibbousHypnotic Brass Ensemble

So check them out tonight!

Thursday, July 7th
@ The Great Hall

1087 Queen St. W. at Dovercourt
Doors – 8pm
Tickets available here.
$20 advance / $30 at the door

The concert, presented by World Famous Music and Fusicology Toronto, will also feature Daft Punk Tribute, a 9-piece band who reinterpret Daft Punk’s greatest with horns, rhythm, vocals, and electronics. One of the members, Ryan Spratt, specializes in “lazer noises”, so you know that’s going to be amusing.

DJ David Dacks, self-described creative rhythm specialist, will also spin a set. For a preview of his work, check him out every Thursday from 10PM to midnight on CIUT 89.5FM.

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