Mp3: Guns and Cigarettes – Atmosphere & The Sun Is Coming Up – Die Jungen

MP3:Guns and Cigarettes – Atmosphere

Atmosphere is a 22-year-old hip-hop group hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Which means they’ve been making music for slightly less than I’ve been alive. This excellent track, Guns and Cigarettes hails from the band’s teen years – you can find it on Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EPs, (2001) a compilation of previously released material. I personally enjoy Guns and Cigarettes because one day, I hope that I too can become “bigger than breast implants”.

The Sun Is Coming UpDie Jungen

Die Jungen is the new project of Klaus Von Barre, the man behind The KVB, a darker, more electronic endeavor. Grab Die Jungen’s latest album, $, for only ₤1 GBP on Bandcamp. Inspired by the 50s and 60s (my kind of man), KVB creates a lovely relaxed and dreamy tone that perfectly fits my adventures last weekend.

Parker and I went to Haliburton last Sunday, which was absolutely lovely, but it also meant that I was driving along windey, cottagey roads for eight hours. When the high heat of afternoon rolled around, we tried to find a lake that was secluded enough to go skinny dipping.

Finding nowhere suitable for our suit-less needs, we proceeded to go to le centre-ville of Haliburton Village, where everyone knows everyone except us.

We spread out our picnicking fare: rosemary focaccia bread with salted butter, sweet baby carrots, plump nectarines, clumps of green grapes, thinly sliced black forest ham, and spicy, gluten-free rice chips.

Precariously perched on a dock that could tip at any moment, we stripped down to our skivvies, slathered on sunscreen, and jumped into the lake as the sun glittered on the water’s surface.

Tiny bits of algae clung to my arms and shoulders. The water enveloped us truly and completely.

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