New Release: Someone Else Can Make A Work Of Art – First Rate People

Homegrown Owen Sound band First Rate People have been riding a blogosphere buzz-high ever since breaking onto the scene with their 2010 debut, It’s Never Not Happening.

With its quaint, homestyled pink-gingham album cover and hooks so strong they could catch a 10-pound freshwater bass, It’s Never Not Happening became an instant pick for many Top Album lists at the end of the year (including mine!).

So it’s no surprise that I’ve been waiting with baited breath for the band’s next single, Someone Else Can Make A Work Of Art, which also happens to feature Luke LaLonde of Born Ruffians.

The band is offering Someone Else Can Make A Work Of Art as a free download here (grab it before it goes!).

The song starts off with a light and airy Peter Bjorn and John-y vibe, complete with handclaps and echoey, layered, multiple-octave vocals by Liam Sanagan. Continuing on with a gently strumming guitar and sensitive stylings, the real kicker comes when Jon Lawless (unique voice extraordinare!) joins in.

The breakdown sounds like an arranged marriage between Owl City and 90’s dance-piano anthems. A strange, high-pitched voice warbles over the song layers as everything gradually mutes and melts into nothing.

A nice, soothing slow-jam for summer nights. I look forward to hearing the rest of the album!

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