Jensen Family Reunion

You can totally see my underwear here.

Today, I slap on sunglasses and sunscreen, pack up my guitar, and load up my car with instruments and cold beverages. Today, I’m going to a family reunion.

I think that on a whole, we tend to underestimate our families. It’s easier to categorize them as weird, intolerable freaks who don’t pick up the right kind of milk at the grocery store, or insist on wearing fuzzy pink socks, or struggle to tame the video camera and end up filming the ballet recital with a partially obscured view of a balding head.

But at least once a year, families get together to make awkward conversation about the jailbird cousin, the tipsy, handsy aunt, or the cuddly new addition. Depending on your nationality, a traditional food is served, be it hamburgers, tapas, potato salad, tacos, or sticky rice.

These two songs make me think of family reunions; big and boisterous, they fill the room with the sound of happy people making music.

MP3: Sleepy TigersHer Space Holiday from Xoxo, Panda And The New Kid Revival (2008)

MP3: Let’s Go DownFamily of the Year from Songbook (2009)

So go out and tell your family that you love them, because once they’re gone, there’ll be far less people around to put up with your antics.

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