The Lykke Li Concert as I saw it.

Hopefully my delay in posting this hasn’t made this update less relevant, but here it goes anyways.  Sunday was incroy-a-blay.  For those who couldn’t attend the Lykke Li concert on the 22nd, I hate to add salt to the wound of not being there, but I may in this ‘review’.

Before Lykke Li even got on stage, Montreal singer Grimes opened.  She had a cool voice, and a good match to open in my opinion.  The best way to describe her musically, was that she reminded me of the female singer of The XX, heavy on the drum machine, with a charming touch of a lisp.  And the best way to describe her visually was that she reminded me of fashion rookie Tavi Gevinson.  She did have some issues during the performance, her music cut out once, but she snapped back into the song quickly. It’s all about the recovery, right?

After Grimes left the stage, it was a quick transition stage wise, but it felt like we waited forever for the main event.  The crowd even did the awkward ‘yell-excitingly-everytime-someone-goes-on-stage-even-if-it’s-just-an-audio-person-checking-a-wire” thing around 10 times as we waited.  All they wanted was to hear the Swedish beauty sing pop-infused ballads, is that so wrong. Needless to say, it was well worth the wait.

JeromeLykke Li

Lykke Li opened with Jerome and it was amazing. A few songs later she played one of my all time favourites, Dance, Dance, Dance.  At this point, Erin and I concluded that even if we had just seen that number, we would have left happy.  Lucky for us the show just started.  She played her hits, almost every song off the new album, a cover by The Big Pink (never heard of them before) and a mash up of Kanye West’s Power with Youth Knows No Pain during her encore.

It also looked like they were filming for something during the show (not positive on that though).  Every time someone tried to use flash photography, or at times, even if someone had a camera up, the bouncers would shine a flashlight at you aggressively until you put it away. This clearly scared me from using my camera, so sorry for the lack of video and photos.  It was awkward and made me feel like I was trying to break out of jail or something.  Not to mention I was having too much fun dancing and singing to really worry about it.

Tonight – Lykke Li

It was an awesome show, and as much as I love listening to her albums, Lykke Li is even better live.  Which to me is the pinnacle of a musician.

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