Weekly MP3 Roundup

Hello to all you newfound Grid readers! Thanks for checking us out (the feeling is mutual; we think you look pretty hot yourself).

I am Katie, Sasha’s blogger-half. I haven’t posted in a few days (read: 2 weeks), and I could give you all some mamby-pamby wind-about story that starts with the details of my new job (Record Company! Record Company!!) and ends with a moist little apology. But how about we just skip all that nonsense and get down to what’s really important:

Answer: The Music.

Here are a few songs that have been rolling around in my brain much like the last Nerd candy in the box (word-up to my fellow candy-addicts). And so, I present to you the first ever, certified fresh, eager-to-please MBF Weekly MP3 Roundup!

MP3: Lord Knows BestDirty Beaches

MP3: Last MInuteHooray For Earth

Give A Man A RodJames Blake

MP3: Park Slope (I’m Sorry)Abadabad


More posts! Soon! I promise! Exclamation mark!

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